Do You Trust the Air You're Breathing?

Do You Trust the Air You're Breathing?

Contact us for mold inspections in Valley Stream, NY & Surrounding Areas

When you're buying a home, everything might look great on the exterior, but do you know what might be lurking behind the walls or under the flooring? MVP Home Inspections, Inc. offers mold inspections in the Valley Stream, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk and Brooklyn, NY Area. 

You might not know if there was a leak inside the home before you bought it. Water behind the walls or on the floorboards is a breeding ground for mold. Our mold inspection company will test the quality of the air inside your home so you know if there's mold present.

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We make the testing process as easy as possible

Our inspector is a licensed mold assessor with IAC2 mold certification. The mold inspection process is easy. We will:

  • Set up a testing station inside your home
  • Compare the results with air outside your home
  • Make recommendations based on the results
  • Take swabs, carpet samples, or in-wall samples when needed¬†

Stop worrying about the air in your home by contacting a reliable mold inspection company in Valley Stream, NY.